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Our origins both draw from the modern, urban reality rooted in mobility. Stuart & Lau has taken into account not only the places we go but the elements we face. Singularly focused on building purposeful products that keep up with you and the frenetic pace of the city, their collection of bags are engineered for effortless mobility.

Modeled on principles of simple, enduring appeal, and always situationally-appropriate character with equal attention paid to preparation and presentation in timeless form.

"A combination of style, capacity and comfort unmatched by any other briefcase we tested". 

– The New York Times


Fourpost brings people and brands together in a positive way. They combines unique products, local eats and interactive experiences in a family-friendly environment. 

We’re on board with their four “posts”: community, environment, service and experience. The experience goes beyond just shopping, it’s personal. They offer family-focused events that encourage boundless discovery including educational workshops and networking opportunities giving parents a place to connect and learn. 

“Our mission is to bring people and brands together through community and experiences.”